• Do you have optional pitas?
  • Yes we do, we have a Traditional Flour Pita, Wheat Wrap ,and Gluten Free Pita. Or we can prepare it naked if you prefer it, just let us know.


  • Do you have a calorie count?
  • We are currently working on completing a specific caloric count per item. In the interim we only have calories per items that we source at this time calorie count.


  • Do you serve food that is with certain food diet restrictions?
  • Yes we do, please see nutritional info, break down our offering of Gluten Free, Peanut Free, Dairy Free, & Vegetarian options.


  • Is the Gyro Beef or Lamb?
  • Our Gyro is 100% Beef.
  • Will you donate or sponsor our event?
  • Yes we try to sponsor as much as we can to support our local communities. Please contact us for more info.


  • Will you participate in city activities outside of the store?
  • Definitely! We cater city events, churches, high schools, taste of towns, festivals, block parties to name a few! Please contact us for more info.
  • Do you have a rewards program?.
  • Yes we have rewards through Belly. You earn points for just coming into the store. You can sign up at any location and start earning points.


  • What rewards can I get?
  • You can get anything from free drinks and free pitas, to free Pita gift cards!


  • Do you have Daily Deals and Discounts at the store?
  • Mondays – Traditional or Chicken Gyro w/ side for only $6


  • Any Special Discounts?
  • Participate in our social media contests, join Belly Rewards, and read our newsletters. Every so often we love to give free food, and deep discounts just for being a loyal patron!
  • Do you deliver?
  • We deliver through Ubereats for our Marietta, Dunwoody, and Roswell locations for individual meals.
  • We deliver at all locations to any doorstep for our scheduled caterings.


  • Can I order online?
  • We are working on our Order Online system to order right on our site, you can easily call into any store to place a pickup order.


  • Can I call ahead or pick up at a certain time?
  • Absolutely, call any specific store for your pickup order.


  • Can you cater my get together?
  • Yes! We specialize in catering, to meet any party, get together, or business meeting. Fill out the inquiry on the Catering page, or email for any questions.
  • Do you have a food truck?
  • We do have a food trailer we use for events and catering, and are currently looking to upgrade to a full food truck to get around the city a little quicker.
  • We deliver at all locations to any doorstep for our scheduled caterings


  • Are you affiliated with Pita By the Beirut?
  • Yes we are the same company, team, and ownership since day one. We are currently rebranding all of our locations to Pita Mediterranean Street Food.


  • When are you coming to my city?
  • To meet the Pita demands and requests from our customers around the city of Atlanta, we have decided to open our concept up to potential franchisees to help grow the brand to get it to all areas of the city and beyond. If you have an interest in franchising, or have an area of interest please let us know. We love to hear from our customers.


  • Do you have Gift Cards?
  • Yes all of our locations have Pita Gift Cards in which are good for that specific location.